YSB Sports was founded in the year 1997

YSB Sports has been operating for more than 26 years. It is one of pioneer of European company managed to enter into Asia Market at early stage. Handicap of YSB Sports has been widely quoted as guideline and reference by sports media which has became the standard and benchmark in the sport betting industries. Technical team of YSB Sports developed its own sport trading software and we are not using any third party software in order to ensure uniqueness of ours sports trading system. YSB sports also developed its own API to meet the demand of sport platform integration. Our trading team comprises of over 250 traders and working closely with European math experts to provide worldwide sports events and odds. We offer more than 10,000 sport events every month.

YSB Sports is a professional sportsbook supplier that was founded in the UK, leading the gaming industry with over 26 years of practical experience in the market.

Our platform stands out with a unique odds calculation method that is widely referred by other scores and odds providers. We also provides a variety of API and primary integration program that is suitable to all webmasters and developers. YSB Sports odds can be converted differently to suit the global market, interface with diversified colors to fit the webpage's main color scheme! Rest assured we have a team of well experienced traders that constantly perform risk monitoring control and a professional team that provides friendly 24/7 Customer Service.

Product Functions

We believe that a perfect combination of various user-friendly functions make up a complete product. We are open to your opinions for any further implementations into our existing products.

Cash Out

Get your payout anytime and does not need to wait for end of the games.

Quick Payout

Payout is settled immediately as long as the respective match result is valid and confirmed, without waiting for end of the games.

Combo bet

Start from as low as double combo bet with maximum 10 combo bet.

Live Betting Combo

Innovative bet type in the industry! Live betting could do combo bet now.

Quick Bet

Preset bet amount and place bet immediately by just a click on the quick bet button.

Odds Options

Variety of odds options include European odds, Hong Kong odds, Indonesian odds and Malaysia odds.

Bet Type

More than 100 bet types at your choice.


Single Wallet (no transfer wallet) and transfer wallet


Any currency includes the crypto currency – USDT

Language Support

English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Japanese, French.

YSB Sports offers a variety of sporting events and betting options.

There is no limitation to what we offers, as long as there is a market demand, we will offer it.


Risk Control

Risk control always play an important role in sports betting.

Since the establishment of our company in the United Kingdom, YSB have accumulated so much of hands-on experiences that are unmatched by others. Our team consists of several important divisions, sports analysts and traders from worldwide that provide professional advice & quality control to our clients.
Sports Risk Control
Odd Control
Auto or manual accept bets
New player monitor
Professional player monitor
Single player bets analysis
Group player bets analysis

API Technical Support

A uniquely developed API by YSB Sports. Provides a simpler and more efficient operation for all customers. Now available with multiple integration methods.

Transfer Wallet

To fulfil the need of player that would like to make separate fund transfer into sport wallet.

Single Wallet (no transfer wallet)

Player does not need to transfer their fund to sport wallet whereby their fund will automatically shown at their sport wallet after login. This will allow player to bet instantly after login.

API called hot Event

Ours API enable operator to call hot sport event and display the event at their websites immediately.

Product Manager

Experienced Product Manager to provide one to one services and to ensure your needs is being materialised.

24/7 Security System

Ours Self-developed CDN anti-attack system, 24x7 hours to prevent DDos or CC attacks.

24/7 Online Customer Service

Professional customer service provides 24x7 hours service to solve your problem effectively anytime.


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